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A Brief History of Fuston’s Nursery


     We are starting our 44th year of business at Fuston’s Nursery.  Randall began operation in the spring of 1979.  Starting with only 4 – 5 varieties, he gradually increased to nearly 30 varieties of trees and shrubs.  As the needs of his customers changed to some varieties in more demand than others, He gradually stopped planting some varieties while doubling the amount planted of some.  Eventually he focused the operation to 3 varieties, Bradford, Cleveland, and Aristocrat Pears for bare root and B&B (balled and burlap).  Bare root sizes included 2’ – 7’ liners and 2-year liners with sizes of ¾” to 1 ½”.  B & B trees are sizes 1 ½” to 3 ½” with ball sizes ranging 18” to 34”.

     After nearly 20 years of operation, Brandon became a partner in the operation with his parents.  Working together as a family, the inventory climbed to growing approximately 60,000 trees for bare root and approximately 25,000 for B&B.  They have maintained growing these numbers (some years growing more) each year.

     In the spring of 2018, Brandon began overseeing the day to day operation and decided to expand and have a little more diverse variety of trees.  It was during this transition, that Brandon decided to start growing several varieties in containers for liners to later be planted for B&B operation and selling some to his customers.   These additions to our inventory contain many common varieties needed for today’s market.  Various Redbuds, Maples, Oaks, along with a variety of native species as well.

     We acknowledge that we are not a large-scale nursery, in fact, we are a small family owned operation.  But what you will find is quality trees being grown with great customer service. 

     When purchasing trees from us, you will find that we take growing high-quality trees as priority for our customers.  When purchasing liners, the same liners you will receive will come out of the same group of trees that we plant for our B&B operation.  We firmly believe planting #1 grade trees, because if you start planting sub-par trees, then sub-par trees are all you will ever have. 

     We are state certified and ship all over the U.S. and sell to several local nurseries in Tennessee. 

     We look forward to hearing from you and will do what we can to make your nursery ordering experience a pleasure. 


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